We are on a mission to empower people with information to live more fully in tune with who they are through the information of their genetics.
We use evidence based natural solutions to impact your body's owner's manual...

Through micro-videos, you'll learn about your body through the lens of genetics and epigenetics.  
You'll then discover personalized, targeted, natural strategies for safe, more in-tune living.  

About SomaDNA 

Why SomaDNA?

- In mythology, Soma is a drink known as the divine elixir of immortality.
- In Latin, Soma translates to body.

Put these together and you have a fountain of youth inside your body. I believe this Soma is our DNA.

We each have the answers to our own health encoded within us. The answers so many are looking for in good health cannot be found in a lab, at the doctor's office or in a pharmaceutical drug. The answers are truly found within us. Our DNA is our roadmap

About Kelly Colby 

Kelly Colby's health journey started with a lifelong focus of learning about herself, her body and why she struggled so much. From formal education to traveling to the Amazon in Brazil, the jungles of Belize, and seeking out natural therapies and healers from around the world, she gain a greater understanding of health and the body.  

In 2014, she was firmly moved into genetics after her daughter had a genetic condition. And later died. 

Frustrated with how genetics was used as fear rather than freedom, she began a journey of helping people understand this amazing owner's manual we all have. Using DNA testing, lab work and biometric measuring, she was able to help people move into a healthier and easier lifestyle. One that was truly unique and personalized. 

By using micro-videos to help people understand their genes, she sets people on a path of understanding and tweaking their lifestyle in the most natural way possible.  Kelly is a living her mission of helping people optimize their health with science-based information.  

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