Live More In Tune With Your Body

90 days from now, you could be feeling better, sleeping better, and eating the right foods for your unique body... the power of exploring your genetics and epigenetics.

Your body has a unique story.  
Unlock your story with our proven system.

What If You Knew Exactly How To Break Through 

And create the good health you want?

Do you want to feel better?
Are you willing to take a genetic test?
Will you take supplements?

You have an owner's manual (your genetics). It's the backdoor in the human design. This allows you to impact the way your body operates.

Here’s a crazy question for you:

What if you stopped listening to health gurus— and took a personalized approach to your life instead?

Sound too good to be true?
Hang tight. We’re about to show you exactly how.

Here’s the deal with getting healthy in 2023 & 2024


Fill the gap...

People don’t want the same cookie cutter approach to diet and lifestyle. We’re all a bit underwhelmed with the lack of truly personalized wellness approaches.
All the technology and trends in the world cannot override the truths you have buried in your body. You are here because you are looking for a shift. 
People want easy answers to fit their lifestyle, easy solutions, and easy shortcuts. They want personalized solutions that work for them...
..and that’s where SomaDNA comes in.
Making the RIGHT small changes in your daily lifestyle has a ripple effect. 
This gives you BIG benefits. And QUICK benefits are even more awesome.
And the best part is: there's no guessing because SomaDNA is using YOUR owner's manual!
A New Wave of
Human Evolution
Is Here...

step #1

Your DNA kit is mailed to you. The kit is a quick saliva collection with easy to follow directions. It's so easy a child (or Great-Grandma) can do it.

step #2

Simply drop the prepaid kit in the mail  — it is then on its way to a private genetic company where security & privacy are a priority.

step #3

In 6 to 8 weeks, your DNA will be processed and decoded.  While waiting, you can begin viewing the foundational videos inside your SomaDNA membership.

step #4

Your results are in and emailed to you. You'll head over to the SomaDNA membership site where you'll be guided through your foundational videos. 

When you have the right information, knowing what to do for your wellness and your body becomes a lot clearer and less complicated.

Here's a peek at just a few benefits...

Know your dietary needs and food benefits.
Insights most doctors won't talk about.
Learn how to reduce inflammation.
See ways to enhance your cognition.
Fall asleep faster and sleep better.
Use your genes to calm depression & anxiety.



Personalize your wellness
...then use your master controls to impact your genetics!

Here’s everything that’s included:

#1. Clinical-grade DNA test kit designed specifically around lifestyle genes to help your body function at its best.
Learn about how these affect you:
- Food/Nutrition
-Heavy Metals

#2. Comprehensive personalized report with specific solutions to super charge your positive genes.
#3. Personally targeted natural strategies for safe, more in tune living.
BONUS #1: Access to the SomaDNA membership area to start your foundational journey.
BONUS #2: Micro videos breaking down common health issues. 
BONUS #3: Learn the top 4 lab tests you need to monitor your body when you feel tired, anxious or depressed. 
Total Value: $812
Today's price: just $278

How it works

Your Body Is The Key
By bringing awareness to your inner and outer worlds and making micro-adjustments  based on your body, you'll create lasting change over time.  Even a slight adjustment each day for 90 days will result in a huge shift.
Identify + Action
Understanding what your body says about food, nutrition, sleep, supplementation, and your environment using this proven system allows you to identify what's working and what isn't. Taking right action becomes easier.
Measure What Matters
Measuring your body with biometric data and lab work brings attention to where your body truly is. Understanding this data, you can focus in on the areas that will make the greatest impact to your lifestyle and wellbeing.
What do you get with the 
SomaDNA experience?

When you’ve researched your struggles, bought the supplements, 
tried the diets and exercise promises... and still have some struggles... 
you may have wished that you had an owner's manual.

Don’t worry.  You do.  And you now have access to the science .

Experience 1

Home Genetic Test -
done from the privacy of your home or office.  No need for travel. 99.9% analytical accuracy.  We put equal focus on your privacy and convenience.

Experience 2

True personalization.  See how food and supplements impact your genes. Discover your sleep genes so you get restful sleep. Spotlight your vitality genes (to banish brain fog and low energy!

Experience 3

Tailored solutions for “quick results”. You'll learn how to flip your genes at an epigenetic level. Build a lifestyle that naturally leads to vitality.

This program brings genetics/epigenetics and biopractical wellness together so it's easier to fit into daily life. Results can be seen in as little as 90 days.

Here's exactly what you get

(Time To Talk Key Details)

the details

Let's start with the DNA Test kit.
The DNA Test Kit provides you with your genetic raw data utilizing saliva.    
Our genetic array was designed specifically around lifestyle aspects. Most DNA tests are lacking in some of the key genetic variants that can help you choose lifestyle factors that are specific to you. 
When you order a DNA kit, you are ordering your raw data.
Your raw data will contain over 760,000+ genetic variants. Variants on your report looks like: AA, AT, TT, CC, CG, GG. When your raw data is ready, you will receive an email with your file.
(this is what raw data looks like)
Breaking down your raw data. 
You'll discover your owner's manual for the following areas:
1. Nutrition – Illuminates genetic factors affecting; appetite and hunger, fat utilization and absorption, metabolism, satiety, grain, gluten and dairy sensitivities, insulin resistance, and much more.
2. Supplementation – Fine-tune your precision supplementation.  Supplements are powerful gene activators.  It's important to be strategic with supplementation.  You'll know exactly what genes you are turning on with specific supplements.
3. Sleep – Understand your circadian rhythm, sleep duration, sleep quality, and propensity for sleep disruption to design ideal sleep strategies.
4. Environmental Health and Detoxification – Learn your potential for responding to specific environmental influences and ideal strategies for managing inflammation, mercury, mold and Lyme sensitivities.
Now that you have your owner's manual, now what?
Information alone isn't enough.  Wouldn't it be nice to know how to control your genes?  
How about how to use your master switches to live without all the stress, fear and uncertainty?
Your opportunity...
Once you purchase your kit, you will be offered the opportunity to upgrade to our VIP SomaDNA membership.
The VIP membership does a deep dive into each of your genes.
When you are inside the VIP area, you'll be guided through what each gene means to your body.  And natural fixes you can start applying right away.  
Don't pass up on this opportunity!  Start by clicking the button below to purchase your kit.  
You're close to having your owner's manual in hand. 
Take a natural, holistic approach to controlling your genes.
Your truth is locked inside.

When you have your owner's manual, 
you’ll know exactly how to…

Eat the right foods that nourish your genes.
Choose supplements that have a positive impact.
Get sleep that is restful and restorative.
See what's most impactful in your environment.
Boost your vitality for brain health & energy.

Still have questions? We’ve got answers…

Who is this designed for?

• Driven, health conscious people with a desire to make a positive impact on their health and wellbeing.  
• This is for people not scared of change and are already making changes in their lifestyle. 
• People willing to do Biometric measurements that will give you the true picture of where your body is. 
• This is for people that are open minded and willing to take a natural and alternative approach to positively impacting your genes.

What will you learn?

• How to live more full in tune with your unique body. 
• How to overcome the hamster wheel of wrong diets, wasted money on supplements, sleep issues, environmental stressors and brain fog. 
• You will discover what your genes say about your diet, the best supplements, how to get restorative sleep and how the environment impacts you.  
• In order to truly connect with yourself, YOU must get to know YOU on a deeper level. SomaDNA gives you that.

This is for you if...

• You want to learn more about your genetics but not sure how to get started.  
• You are already focused on your health but want more personalization and a deeper dive into who you are. 
• You're already loving the impact of self work.
• You are freedom focused.
• You want to be part of a community focused on thriving. 
• You have an open mind and believe in the power of your own body. 
• You want to learn something new and are excited to keep learning and stay curious every day. 

This is NOT for you if...

• This is not for people that want a cure for disease. While lifestyle plays a big part in the onset of disease and disease management, this program is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat disease or illness. 
• You are LOCKED into what is possible and what is NOT possible for you.
• You are in a state of constant or consistent overwhelm.
• You aren't ready to make changes in your diet and lifestyle, or environment. 
• Are reluctant to try new possibilities that may not make immediate "sense".

How do I receive my info? 

• By your best email.
• After your purchase, you will be emailed access to the SomaDNA member's area.  
• Your foundational videos will be inside the member's area.
• In 6-8 weeks, you will be emailed your raw data and your report when it's decoded.
• Make sure to mark your calendar so you know when to look for your genetic email.  

What's included?

• Your DNA kit (with prepaid postage to send to the lab.) 
• 1 year access to videos, audios and articles inside our foundational SomaDNA membership area. 
• Your raw DNA data.
• Comprehensive report.
• Micro videos breaking down common health complaints.
• The top 4 lab tests you need to monitor your body.
• Option to upgrade to the VIP membership.

What to expect...

• After purchase you will receive a welcome email.  
• Delivery of a DNA kit mailed to your home in approximately 7 business days. Your DNA kit is shipped through USPS.
• It's 6-8 weeks (from the time the lab receives your kit) for your genes to be decoded at the lab. In the meantime, you'll have access to foundational videos to start your journey. 
• Your DNA report emailed to you when your results are in.  
• Updates and new material added into the member's area.
• Email support for 1 year. 
• Upon purchase, you'll have the option to upgrade to a VIP Membership.

End result...

• A better understanding of your body. 
• You'll have a good understanding of the foundation of your health and genes.
• You'll live in less fear and uncertainty because you'll understand how your body works and what it needs.
• You'll know how to keep yourself safer and what your body needs during health events.  
• You no longer have to feel frustrated with the latest health fads. 
• You'll build the habit of self-awareness and understand your body's unique language.
• Be in the driver's seat for your own health and wellbeing. 

Does this DNA test give me answers to diseases?

No!  This test is intended to help you personalize your wellness to get more accurate results. You won't learn about health risks related to disease, cancer or Alzheimer's.  Contact your trusted health care professional for disease DNA testing.

Are my relatives my genetic destiny?

No!  One thing that has become very clear is that genes are not your destiny.  You have the power to change how your genes express.  Just because relatives struggle, does not mean you will.  Food, lifestyle, sleep, and supplements all impact health.

Is this 100% accurate?

Our genetic typing returns a 99.9% accuracy rate.  The genes we base our research on are from human DNA, not animal studies.  We aren't rats or dogs so we believe it's important for accuracy to use human studies.  Genetics is a scientific field that even experts are only beginning to understand.  Your DNA template is absolute, but our understanding of how the genes work as a symphony is continuing to grow. 

Is there an age limit to this?

There is not. Our oldest person we have worked with is almost 100.  The youngest is a 3 year old child.  If your child can produce saliva, they can take the test.  We believe it is very important for children to be raised following a lifestyle based on their owner's manual. Think about how different your life would be if you had your owner's manual to follow through life. 

Tell me about security...

Many companies will sell your DNA, we don't. We value your privacy and security. We take privacy really seriously and we never, ever sell data or share it with anyone other than you. Everyone handling your DNA are qualified health researchers, scientists and engineers. All sequencing is done by reputable US and European labs. No one but YOU owns your genetic data.  We will never sell or share  your data because that’s not the business we’re in. We’re in the business of helping people use their DNA to take control of their health.

Do I have to give up favorite foods?

Nope!  Let's take coffee for example. Even if your genes say that your liver doesn't metabolize coffee efficiently, you don't have to give it up.  In genetics, we look at weights and measures. You can maintain a balance while still drinking coffee.  You want to tip the scales enough in the favorable direction to have better outcomes. Many genes are working in tandem to keep your body in balance.  Your genetic blueprint is NOT about restriction, it's about making the right choices for your body. You'll always know how to bring your body back into balance. 

Are there restrictions?

If you can fill a small tube with saliva, you can take our DNA test. There are techniques to help you produce more saliva easily. I like to have people do the test first thing in the morning, in the still fasted state. If this is not possible, you want 1 hour of nothing by mouth or near your mouth. This means no eating, drinking (including water), smoking, chewing, kissing, or toothbrushing.

Can you ship to all countries?

No. Right now we are only shipping to USA. The list of countries we cannot ship to is: Afghanistan, Albania, Antarctica, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Chile, Cuba, Eritrea, India, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Mali, Mexico, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Macedonia, Russia, Serbia, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Yemen, or Zimbabwe.

There is no other lifestyle genetics experience 
that takes such a natural, holistic approach. 

(we are the first!)
And we can’t help but share how being able to control our master switch has given us more control over our lives.
Freedom to quit the diet & fitness hamster wheel.
Freedom to stop chasing anti-aging promises.
Freedom to stop buying unnecessary supplements.
And we want that for you, too.

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